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Film-Maker, Bobcat Goldthwait to Direct
A Major Narrative Film on Barry Crimmins, America's Conscience, and Longtime friend of
the Show
who calls me out constantly for being a Dick, so I called Goldthwait to audition for the part
and it turns out he listens to
my show and is not a fan. I went over his head to Judd Apatow whom is still infuraited
about something I said about somebody's famous Vagina, which I would probably never do . I mix all my programs in
a blackout drunk and don't remember any of it so maybe I did but famous vaginas bore me so I suspect I'm being
set up, because if I were Bob or Judd, or anyone else. I'd feel the same way because the shit has got to be linear. Tell the story
or shut the Fuck up, and your mixy wixy attempts at being clever are not appreciated so go home and cry