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Mass Killings Explained
In 3,2,1.....


...Jade Helm Grade Paranoid Wing-nut. It was Staged, like Sandy Hook.
Gubmint Psyops Gnu Whirled Order. They Want Your Guns
2.... Spiritual Newage End Times Wiccan Lady Warns it will Get Worse ....
because Unbalanced Vibrations Opening Demonic Interdimesional Ports.

1. . ..Pastor Stevens is Okay with 50 Dead Sodomites But Good Christians
Will Suffer for Hating Gays like Muslims Do. And They Want Your Guns.

Opening: Harmontown Podcast Goes Trump with Dan Harmon, Jeff Davis,
Duncan Trussel, Kumail Nanjiani and Daniel Gillies

Music in the mix: Avalanches and Oingo Boingo

Cameo by Houston's own Mattress Mac